Friday, February 08, 2008

NEWS: Prodigy's Farewell Concert

Somehow I knew something like this would go down at Prodidy's farewell party at BB Kings the other night. And ouch @ only 150 fans showing up. And 50 Cent doesn't even show up? No other G-Unit members aside from some cat I've never even heard of? What's up with that? From TSS's recap:

So, out comes G-Unit’s newest addition, Maserati Fox with his Dumb Out clique. Three atrocious songs (in which Maserati didn’t rap any full verses), 10,000 cries of “G-G-G-G-Unit!” and 234,000 calls of “Dumb Out” later, the most exciting thing to grace the stage up to that point makes its timely arrival… a plastic beer cup, which pelts Maserati square in the sternum. After a look too priceless for words, Maserati Ron Artests it into the crowd, his whole gang of Dumb Out goons right behind. As they search for the cup-thrower, the rest of the crowd is teetering over whether they want the night to become brawl at The Palace II and collectively stomp this G-Unit clown, or wait peacefully while Maserati gets brought back to the stage and the night goes forward as planned, a bit ahead of schedule. Read TSS's full recap of the night here.

More pics here.

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