Tuesday, February 05, 2008

NEWS: Grandmaster Flash Interview

TSS interviewed Grand Master Flash.

TSS: Nowadays, hip-hop in general is under heavy attack from critics. To them, hip-hop is the blame for all of society's ills. To them, the phrase "hip-hop" is synonymous with negativity. How do you feel when haters dismiss all that's evil and bad as hip-hop?
Grandmaster Flash: This is how I look at it, and I will put this under classifications of all music. Me, myself, personally… hip-hop or rap, whatever you want to call it, is not bad. There are people that are in it, be it an artist or be it a fan, that are troubled. And they enjoy hip-hop. The word hip-hop, why does it have to be bad? Why can't it be that this person that does (wrong) is bad? That's the part that really throws me. Okay, there are people who are artists, people who are producers, people who are fans… who love hip-hop, that are known for being into hip-hop culture… that might have done something real fucked up. Why do you connect it to hip-hop? Connect it to the person. Connect that shit to the person; that this person did this real fucked-up shit. Instead it's, "well, hip-hop is fuckin' up again". Why is it hip-hop, why can't it be that person, or that group of people, that's doing some real crazy shit? How does hip-hop take the blame? That part I don't understand. Read full interview here.

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