Monday, January 07, 2008

VIDEO: Nas Spitting New Lyrics Off 'N*gger'

Nas got together with MTV's Mindsquad, talked about N*gger and spit some new lyrics off the album.

"But the new album, man, this is an important piece for me," he said. "I'm proud of myself for doing it and taking it on. It looks like Black History Month [February] is gonna be the month to drop the album. If not, it comes when it comes. But it'll be here soon — soon like right-around-the-corner soon. It's not gonna be a waiting-for-a-long-time type thing. I'm blessed to be in this state of mind I'm in to do this music. ... I love what this whole thing is all about. I'm working with so many people. It is a lot of people I'm working with: Puff, Jermaine [Dupri], some underground cats. Some surprises." (Source)

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