Friday, December 07, 2007

PHOTOS: Stand Up! ft. Sean Price, Channel Live, Etc.

Last night's Stand Up! show at Pianos was curated by and yours truly and hosted by the iCs. It was a great night. Cause, Hired Gun, Donny Goines and NYOIL all came through with tigh, explosive sets proving Hip Hop is more than alive. Hakim of Channel Live energized the crowd with a surprise set with guest Scanz. Sean Price ended the night with a hype performance. I forgot to bring my camera (d'oh!), but Ccelli from ExponentEntertainment sent some pics over that I quickly edited. Thanks to all that made the night possible.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo that dude Scanz is a fuckn beast!! he got beats and man gave me a copy of his album..that shit is an instant classic!!!! i heard all the dudes in the Rawkus 50 and he is by far the illest one!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the honest.. I came there to see Sean Price and Channel Live..

When i saw that dude NYOIL .. wait first off I never heard his music i just heard OF him. LEt me say that this dude straight Destroyed the show. That was the best hip hop performance i ever saw. word is bond.
a new NYOIL fan!!!

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

glad you enjoyed it! he had a very powerful performance indeed!


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