Friday, December 07, 2007

NEWS: RA The Rugged Man Shouts Out Treach

TSS recently spoke with RA The Rugged Man who suprisingly shouts out Naughty By Nature's Treach as one of his influences. Personally I've always thought Treach was grossly underrated in Hip Hop in terms of his flow. He had flows for years. I do not know what is wrong with RA in this photo however.

TSS: I know G. Rap is a huge influence for you. Is there anyone else you can point to and say, “That guy challenged me to advance my style”?
Ra The Rugged Man: Right now today?
TSS: At any point over your career.
Ra The Rugged Man: Yeah, of course. I can name some cats that you would say, “Really? That’s corny.” But I’d say, “Nah, that dude was incredible.” Let’s name a pop record, ok? When “O.P.P.” came out in 1992 I was a young kid writing. I was like, “Goddamn. Listen to how many fucking flows that dude has.” I know Treach from Naughty isn’t the answer you wanted, but he was an influence. How about “Uptown Anthem” and the shit he was spitting on that? I was just talking to someone about that song the other day. More here. TSS also spoke to Rick Ross and Amanda Diva this week.

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Anonymous said...

treach doesnt get enough credit...he was like the biggest mc in the game 91-93


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