Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NEWS: Freeway Explains Just Blaze Situation

Rhapsody spoke to Freeway and one of the things that came up was the Just Blaze situation and him not having a beat on Free At Last.

R: Why was it so hard to get with Just Blaze for this album?
Freeway: There was a little bit of hostility between managers. I think my manager was a little disrespectful to his manager around the beginning of last year. I don’t really know the particulars, but I know it had to do with some publishing. He apologized, but after that, I tried to get at Just a couple times. I’m not saying he wouldn’t, but he wasn’t in a rush or it wasn’t a priority to him. Just is my man. We lived together for a month in Miami. I felt as though we had a good relationship. I spoke to him earlier this year [about it]. We’re supposed to be past it, but still nothing’s happened.

Free does recognize Just's impact on his career and adds: "Just did a lot of songs on the first album, but he’s so good that he could make it sound like 10 different producers. He was responsible for the “What We Do,” “Rock the Mic” and “Burnin’ Up” -- basically my career. I would go there and he’d have joints ready." Full interview here.

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