Tuesday, November 06, 2007

LISTEN: Jim Jones - Harlem's American Gangster Mixtape

DOWNLOAD Jim Jones - Harlem's American Gangster Mixtape (MP3)

Jim Jones, the Jay-Z covering artist, has a new mixtape to tie in with Jay-Z's new American Gangster album. Best Buy is doing Buy Jay, Get Jim For Free action this week. Download above, track list below. Via RealTalk.

1. Intro
2. The King feat. Noe
3. Love Me No More
4. Dame Dash Interlude #1
5. Byrd Gang Money feat. Noe & Mel Matrix
6. Global Money
7. Stay Ballin
8. Dame Dash Interlude #2
9. Money Comes & Goes feat. Max B & Noe
10. Dame Dash Interlude #3
11. Up In Harlem feat. Max B
12. American Gangster
13. Lifestyle feat. Max B
14. Dame Dash

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