Tuesday, November 06, 2007

VIDEO: Did Freaky Zeeky Snitch

The topic of 'Snitching' and it's absurd accompanying warped logic might very well be #1 on my Hip Hop shit list. Per Nicky Barnes, admittedly not a beacon of any sort of moral movement, "the street guidelines are just moron bullshit". From a this entertaining double interview with Barnes and American Gangster Frank Lucas.

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Anonymous Spartakus said...

The writer of this blog is an idiot who doesn't have any real morals. You depend on the white man for protection. First off, Zeek claims to live by the Street Code of Ethics. Secondly, he started beef with them cats who shot'em and ran him over. If he was a real man he would have accepted the "L"(that means loss) or handled it himself.

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