Thursday, October 04, 2007

NEWS: Some People Have Heard Some American Gangster Tracks

Michael Gonzalez received an invite to hang with Jay-Z and listen to some tracks off of American Gangster.

..There were moments when I felt the songs like “Party Life” (which, as Jay points out, “has that seventies soul feel”) and “Success” (with its ill organ) interpreted the legacy of Frank Lucas and the yesteryear landscape of Harlem better than the big screen version...The fact that Jay-Z is a New York City boy who grew-up hearing hustler legends about uptown characters like Lucas and Nicky Barnes (while also reading Iceberg Slim novels and looking out his bedroom window) truly comes out in songs like the hardcore head bop of “Rock Boys” and the equally hot “Pray.” Both tracks, produced by Puffy and the Hitmen (who have five songs on the album), have the kind of superfly swagger that is pure 125th Street...American Gangster is what us Jay-Z fans who once rocked “Cashmere Thoughts,” “D’evils” and “Song Cry” have been waiting for since he first announced he was going back to rock the mic." Read more here.

YN ove at XXL also had a listen. "The other record that the Imperial Skateboard P did, is the only song that sounds like it could be a commercial smash. It’s a song about the effect of heroin disguised as a love song. The rest here is straight gutter. A lot of “aggressive content” for you goofies and doofies. Tracks like “Success” (produced by No ID “The Mentor”) will have your trunk rattling as well as the somewhat Dream-inspired “No Hook.” Light on the choruses, Jigga flourishes when he addresses some of the hot stove topics you want him to touch on.

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