Wednesday, October 03, 2007

VIDEO: Jon Stewart Vs. Chris Matthews

I'm posting this video of Jon Stewart breaking it down for Chris Matthews in this "book interview from hell" because he keeps it realer than most. Stewart is the Beanie Sigel of interviewers. Sans the homophobia. Matthews is promoting his book Life's a Campaign and is subsequently ethered by Stewart.

"What you are saying is, people can use what politicians do in political campaigns to help their lives. ... That strikes me as fundamentally wrong," says Stewart. "It strikes me as a self-hurt book, if you will. Aren't campaigns fundamentally contrivances?" He then compares it to Machiavelli's The Prince and calls it a recipe for sadness. "If you live this book, your life will be strategy, and you'll be unhappy." Matthews retorts: "There's something in here that you fear," and Stewart replies: "Like fascism; I fear fascism."

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Jon Stewart makes the world a better place.


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