Wednesday, October 10, 2007

NEWS: Prodigy Goes To Jail for 3.5 Years

Yeterday Mobb Deep's premier lyricist Prodigy plead guilty to possession of a loaded gun and will be put behind bars for 3.5 years. He was stopped in his bullet proof Chevy Suburban for making an illegal U-turn on Ninth Ave. Blegh.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three years and a half just for an illegal U-turn? Wow, that is really severe! I've seen people doing really worst things and not going to jail.
Mrs. Kamagra did it also and she's in the streets!

Blogger Steve said...

Cheers to your flair of writing. I appreciate the way you have dealt with this subject. Complete unbelievable way of narration and quite a clear conclusion. Keep up dudeā€¦



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