Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NEWS: Possible Nelly & T.I. Collabo Album In The Works

Oh jeez. Nelly speaks on a possible collaborative album with T.I.: "It's definitely being talked about.We're definitely trying to put something together, work on something that could be truly outstanding. I think now people kinda get it. I think people want me to be a certain way because of all the success I had. That's just never been me. I feel real fortunate to sell the amount of records I have, but I like to hang. I don't care if you sold one record and I sold this. I like to kick it. But we're definitely working on something." (Via 16 Bars)

For real Hove! It'll be called 'Derrty Rubberbands'!

Unbeknownst to myself there's actually a new Nelly album coming. It's called Brass Knuckles, allegedly has appearances by Akon, Babyface, Lil' Wayne, Pimp C, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Chuck D and T.I., and it was pushed back from October 16th to November 13th. Apparently the Nellster is trying to put together an additional track with Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey, and another with Bruce Springsteen.

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