Tuesday, October 09, 2007

NEWS: Jermaine Dupri's Secret: Dancing Naked Women

Jermaine Dupri has spoken again of his love for strip clubs, for business reasons only of course.

JD readying himself for some business research

"Strip clubs are basically a way into that street life. It's always nice to look at, but I'm not really there for the booty....These are the places where artists and records break, especially in the South. In strip clubs the music gets nice and grimy. People can lose their inhibitions so you really get to know how they feel about the music. I'd even say strip air play is stronger than radio air play in Atlanta...A naked woman dancing in front of a customer tends to put that record in a new light. Wanna hit? Watch how she moves those hips when your song comes on. If the girls are requesting the track and shakin' it to the beat you know it's gonna cross over into radio. It's like the girls are hit detectors." Full article here. Source: DailySwarm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Comparison of Dupri's "strip club" technique of finding music to Peter Lynch's "strip mall" technique of finding stock tips here:


Anonymous Jeremi said...

Tired man wants some rest :)


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