Monday, October 08, 2007

NEWS: Jay-Z Speaks On Joe Budden

The good folks over at AllHipHop went slightly off topic during the American Gangster listening session and asked Jay-Z about Joe Budden. Interestingly enough it was Budden's 'Pump It Up' that perhaps got the biggest audience response of all songs performed or spun at Saturday night's star studden show at Radio City Music Hall. And Budden wasn't even present. It was just Just Blaze spinning it!

AHH: Is Joe Budden ever coming out?
Jay-Z: The problem with that is, coming out how? If you just want to throw an album out there then next week you recording [songs] about how we didn’t support it. We could do that. We could do that tomorrow. I don’t think that what he wants. I don’t think that what he needs. Maybe…I don’t know.
AHH: At one point he was seen as sort of the heir to Def Jam’s throne so to speak and then you guys had a lil’ something on that song.
Jay-Z: That had never influenced my decisions. You see Beanie has a record with R. Kelly. Juelz Santana has put and album out. I’m way to big of a person to [do that]. I would never block anyone’s blessing, because of any thing personal. If I didn’t want to deal with him, there’s other people there.....I believe in that for real. Karma. You can’t just do what the f**k you want…sh***ing on people for no reason.

Evasive but interesting answer.

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