Friday, October 05, 2007

NEWS: Snoop Surprises Judge By Being Snoop

Snoop Dogg is currently in court suing Priority Records alleging it owes him $2 million in fees under a 1998 recording agreement. He also claims they did not consult with him before releasing his greatest hits CD, and about a breach of contract over a yet-to-be-paid $950,000 for Tha Last Meal. Priority says he waited too long to sue and it trying to get the case thrown out.

Slightly amusic was that the judge didn't realize it involved Snoop Dogg because court papers refer to him by his real name, Calvin Broadus.

"Now I realize who we're talking about here," Superior Court Judge Helen I. Bendix said on her first day hearing the case. "I didn't recognize the non-professional name, so to speak." The judge called the case "very interesting". Full article here. Below the actual photograph provided by AP on this story.

Related: Snoop was also just honored at the VH1 thingy.

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