Monday, October 01, 2007

NEWS: Jay-Z & Just Blaze Debuted New Song

Just Blaze and Jay-Z did their thing at the 40/40 club this weekend when they performed a brand new song off of American Gangster, the collabo remix to Saigon's 'Come On Baby' and a bunch of older track. In Just's own words.

"I threw on a new cut off American Gangster by the name of "Roc Boys", followed by the "C’mon Baby" Remix (yes it does exist), "Blue Magic", and then we ran through a few classics like "PSA", "U Don’t Know", "You Me Him and Her", "Hard Knock Life", the "Pump it Up" freestyle (just for kicks) "It’s alright", and a few others. At about 3:50am , Jay did a bit of Roc Boyz acapella and announced that all drinks were on the house, and proceeded to keep it going. I know what you’re thinking "Well what does that leave.. 10 minutes.. you cheap pricks" Wrong, we kept going strong till about 5am. I don’t know if it was Lebron Or Ty-Ty on the mic adlibbin, but someone was slurring the %$^% out of that Pump it Up.. yet somehow never missed a beat. Ms Knowles did her thing on the dance tip and got herself bodied, to the crowds delight."

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