Friday, September 28, 2007

NEWS: Talib Kweli Talks Reflection Eternal

Hi-Tek recently mentioned that he'd be doing another Reflection Eternal album with Talib Kweli, but Talib states people shouldn't yet hold their breath for RE II or a new Black Star album.

Kwe was quick to explain the RE idea is still in motion, as he and Tek have worked together on various albums since 2000's Train of Thought. But he also added that fans shouldn't necessarily wait for an RE album — or, for that matter, one by Black Star, his side project with Mos Def — anytime soon. He's not pulling a Dr. Dre/ Detox situation, just some things are easier than others, according to Kweli.

In fact, he went so far as to spell out the differences between a Black Star album and Detox. "Well, the clear difference is Dr. Dre has sold hundreds of thousands of millions more records than we've sold. And two, [with] Detox, Dre can make it happen if he wants to. Black Star is two people. But Dre can sit down in the studio and make Detox himself. I can't do it without Mos Def, and Mos Def can't do it without me."

Full interview here.

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