Monday, October 08, 2007

NEWS: DJ Toomp On 50 Cent Vs. Kanye

Vibe Magazine interviewed Atlanta's DJ Toomp. One of the things he speaks on is why Kanye West's Graduation outsold 50 Cent's Curtis.

Vibe Why didn't 50 sell more?
DJ Toomp I don't think he went wrong....But it's just like right now, we're at war. Within the last year, like 97% of the people you know can tell of a close friend or relative who has been murdered by a gun. And it's a stress period. Money is kind of messed up out here to a degree. It's music that makes you feel good about yourself. Kanye was able to reach more people. I was thinking a lot about the beats and stuff on 50's album; when you get more into guns and stuff, a lot of people ain't really trying to listen to a lot of that violence stuff. Even I know a lot of street cats who aren't trying to listen to a lot of that stuff. Read the full interview here.

Personally I think it has nothing to do with guns, but more with the fact that there might be a 50 burn out and Graduation being a better album.

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