Wednesday, June 11, 2008

NEWS: Scott Storch Wanted (Not By Hip Hop Fans, But By Police)

I consider Scott Storch somewhat of a hack production wise, but damn, I feel kind of bad for him now. Especially after that lame mafia-inspired Meyer Lanski style press campaign with photoshoots last year where he showed off all the money he allegedly had.

Record producer Scott Storch, who owns a $10.5 million home on Miami Beach's Palm Island, is behind in property taxes -- $511,839.16. He owes $294,492.50 for '06, and $217,346.66 for '07. [...] He is in arrears on child support for son Jalen, 2, and was a no-show at a hearing. So Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Marc Schumacher issued a pick-up order, authorizing cops to jail Storch until he can be brought to court. [...] Meanwhile, Storch just got hit with another paternity suit. Vanessa Bellido, 33, of Davie, says Storch is the ''natural father'' of her son Steven Brandon Bellido, 16.

Storch acknowledged he is Steven's dad and voluntarily sent money -- until January, Vanessa says. Now, she says, she and Steven are struggling. They were evicted from their Davie residence last month and had to live with her parents in their two-bedroom apartment in Plantation.

''While [Storch] drives around in his Ferrari and Cadillac, [Steven] is sleeping on a couch in the same room with his mother,'' says her emergency petition for child support, filed by attorney Paul Leinoff. ``The situation is dire.
(More here.)

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Blogger chilly boo said...

people are quick to judge on the rumors.... I also believe that the people that started them are the people around him that are only around him because of the hype.... I dont know him but i know his biggest fan.... Deep inside i know he's the best, i just feel he needs sometime for his self. People think they know whats really going on but its beyond all this , it gets much deeper but at the end of the day i believe he has it under control.....

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