Tuesday, June 10, 2008

LISTEN: Raekwon - Once In A Lifetime ft Mika

DOWNLOAD Raekwon - Once In A Lifetime (MP3)

New unreleased Raekwon. He's perfoming at BB Kings June 19th (8PM) with Cappadonna. This better not be indicative for OB4CL2. Feels more like whomever is singing Mika is the main artist on this track.

More Wu-Tang pics from Rock The Bells here

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Anonymous Neil Cake said...

I know that Mika hasn't admitted or denied that he's gay, but it's obvious to the world that he is. So, taking that into account, doesn't anyone else find it weird that Raekwon has done a track with him, given the Wu's homo-sceptic views?

Anonymous Neil Cake said...

And where was Mika on that track anyway? That didn't sound like Mika...

Blogger SDSU said...

haha it's not that mika, not the successful electro pop gay guy. in this case it's the female vocalist


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