Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NEWS: Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter III Gets Release Date

I still say I'll believe it when I see it. Why do first singles always suck off of major label albums?

Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown recording artist Lil Wayne is gearing up to release his highly anticipated album Tha Carter III, the final in the trilogy, on May 13th. [...] Lil' Wayne who was recently named "Man Of The Year" by GQ Magazine (2007) and "Best Rock Star Alive" by Blender Magazine (2008) is truly a force to be reckoned within the music industry and has earned the title of Hip-Hop Heavyweight Champ. LOL @ the spin on that one.

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Anonymous Liz said...

"Why do first singles always suck off of major label albums?"

Because business majors that don't know anything about music make the decisions.

Blogger SDSU said...

it is true my dear, it is true


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