Friday, March 21, 2008

LISTEN: Joe Budden - Touch & Go

DOWNLOAD Joe Budden - Touch & Go (MP3)

I'm underwhelmed by Joe Budden's first single off of the upcoming album Padded Room (6/24/08). This sounds exactly like something an out of tocuh major label would pick for the first single off a street rapper's album. Joe can do a lot better.

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Anonymous dj eurok said...

this shit is garbage. and look, i'm a joey fan. and I can't stand the majority of hip hop from this decade. dude had me sold on that mood music 3 shit. shit, i didnt even know about mood music 1 and 2. but really, this shit? come on jb, i know you rhyme your ass off, but how high do you have to get to think this is a hit? maybe i'm just an old crusty hip hop dj/journalist, but i can't even imagine that 22 year old girls on roofies would think this is a hit...


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