Thursday, February 28, 2008

LISTEN: Rick Ross - Maybach Music ft. Jay-Z (No Tags)

DOWNLOAD Rick Ross - Maybach Music ft. Jay-Z (MP3)

Rick Ross is joined by former boss (no pun intended) Jay-Z on 'Maybach Music' (lame title). Rick doesn't seem to be able to ride this beat very well for the most part. Jay-Z gets in a Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson reference in, quotes 2Pac and flows better than on most of his guest appearances of the last 2 years. Tagged with a March 11th street date tag. No that is not a mini me version of Rick Ross, it's JD, but I wanted to use this photo and it's so Maybach.

UPDATE: This is now the untagged version via YMW.

. Audio via Eskay.

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