Tuesday, January 15, 2008

LISTEN: Muja Messiah - Paper Planes ft. M.anifest + Patriot Act ft. I-Self Devine

DOWNLOAD Muja Messiah - Paper Planes feat. M.anifest (MP3)
DOWNLOAD Muja Messiah - Patriot Act ft. I-Self Devine (MP3)

Minneapolis' own Muja Messiah thinks outside of the box on both the stringing conspiratorial political track 'Patriot Act', which features I-Self Devine of Rhymesayers fame, as well as on the great remake of M.I.A.'s 'Paper Planes' featuring Ghana's M.Anifest. Recommended. 'Patriot Act' is off of Thee Adventures Of A B-Boy D-Boy which is out on Black Corners April 1st.

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Blogger C-Rocka said...

Word! I love this song, this is so fresh!!

Nice Photo too, who took it?

Blogger SDSU said...

taken by Christina Rimsatd. is that regina spektor in your icon?

Blogger C-Rocka said...

Why yes it is, we look strikingly similar.

Blogger SDSU said...

then you my dear reader must be beautiful ha


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