Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NEWS: Ice Cube To Remake 'Welcome Back, Kotter'

Well, that's certainly not what I expected. Ice Cube is set to remake Welcome Back, Kotter. You know I had to use this picture for this post. Info below.

There’s a script,” the “First Sunday” star said of “Welcome Back, Kotter,” which would bring an urban take to the 70’s TV classic. “We’ve got the same characters, they’re just re-vamped to suit the times, totally different. It’s like, flipped. With me playing Kotter, how couldn’t it be?” For those unfamiliar with the show that launched John Travolta’s career, “Kotter” tells the story of a former high school troublemaker who returns to his New York stomping grounds to teach a new generation of underachieving misfit students. Cube said that the current script will maintain that basic framework, but that Mr. Kotter won’t be telling schtick-y uncle jokes anymore. “No, I won’t be going that far,” he laughed. “You know me, I’m gonna flip it. It ain’t gonna be no Gabe Kaplan sh-t.” (More here.)

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