Friday, January 04, 2008

LISTEN: J Wells - I Don't Give A F*ck (Bishop Lamont Diss)

DOWNLOAD J. Wells - I Don't Give A F*ck (MP3)
STREAM Digital Smoke - Get It ft. Goodie Mobb (MySpace)

J Wells is in a group called Digital Smoke (ugh on the name) with Kurupt. He also used to associate with Dr. Dre protege Bishop Lamont, but right now they're not getting along. So what does J. Wells do? He releases 'I Don't Give A F*ck'. Download it above, and then go stream the much superior 'Get It' by Digital Smoke and Goodie Mobb.

What's the reason of the dissing? According to J, Bishop has been doing a lot of side talking. They came up together and J did some of Bishop's first tracks including 'Its Bishop' which caught Dre's attention. According to J, after Bishop went to Aftermath he's not been the most loyal and perhaps talked shit about J and at J and Kurupt's video shoot. Why can't we all just get along?

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Blogger bankhead said...

the album Digital Smoke had some great beats in 2006 damn

Blogger Lena said...

babe you're blog is amazing now!! :) Not that it wasn't before ;) very nice! Happy New Year :)

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

haha thank you! watch out for next week's launch of version 2.0 of sdsu :)


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