Thursday, January 03, 2008

NEWS: The Game Set To Release New Album In June

The Game livened up Nas's New Years Eve party by announcing he will be releasing his final album in June. It will be called LAX and this time Dr. Dre is supposed to contribute a few tracks. Maybe 50 Cent's grip on the good Doctor loosened a bit after losing the soundscan battle against Kanye West.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I consider this son of a bitch lucky to have going to be able to work with dre again. I feel fiddy is going soft on this nigger. Damn.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

gam is the hottest rapper out there,game could crush fiddy. fiddys album wern't shit

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wtf man the game is the best rapper in the world fifty is a snitch and why tha fuk is this gonna b his last album

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the game is def my fav rapper n big dreams is a hot song n i agree why is LAX gonna be his last album ... game rap needs you!!!

Blogger Yaw said...

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