Saturday, December 08, 2007

NEWS: Method Man Defends RZA

Now this is technically unsubstantiated and the source is unclear, but just because I really want this to be true and it sounds like something Method Man would say , we're just going to assume it is. Meth speaks on Ghostface Killah and Raekwon's vocalize displeasure with RZA and 8 Diagrams.

Method Man & RZA @ Rock The Bells, more pics here

""Them niggas got they opinion, but shit's peace between me and RZA, no question. Ghost & Rae don't never like nothing anyway...never," Method Man states with a dismissive tone. "Them dudes be looking at they mom's turkey on Thanksgiving like 'The fuck is this bullshit??' (laughs) 'Man this macaroni is some ol buuulllshit! Megan Good's titties is some bullshit! Rihanna's forehead, that's some bullshit!"

On RZA's production and 8 Diagrams: ""That's music right there man, I don't know what them dudes is listening to. They must have heard it from some clock radio speakers or something, and Rae, that nigga was probably just mad 'cuz he ain't had his lunch yet at the time. I like what RZA doing right now, the way he's able to go outside the box as well as go to the typical Wu bangers ya'll critical ass motherfuckers is used too. I already got some joints from him on my next album, more heat. In fact we was just in the studio a few days ago, and Nas came through. He hopped on a beat and we did the hook and everything that night. He talking about he wanna put it on his Jiggaboo album (a joke reference to Nas' upcoming album, The N Word), but I think I'ma hold on to that one. We might hook up again for another song. I was actually supposed to be on It Was Written back in the day, but it just never happened." Man, I hope is legit. RZA and Meth with Nas.

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