Sunday, December 09, 2007

NEWS: Mark Morrison To Sign With Cash Money

The original 'Return Of The Mack', way before Plagiarism P (Eskay inside joke), Mark Morrison has allegedly signed a multi-million dollar deal with Cash Money Records and is set to return with new album Innocent Man in 2008. He's wearing their chain below.

Believe it or not this will be his first record since Return Of The Mack in the mid-90s due to some legal problems, jail time (seem to be a common thing among Macks that Return), and something that never works out well: a record deal with Death Row Records. (picture source)

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Blogger irene said...

Hi Mark,
I´m Irene, we met when i was working at Harts supermarket next to the Bailyes hotel in London , do you remember?
i just wanted to know if you are ok
drop me a line, plse


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