Monday, December 24, 2007

NEWS: Jay-Z Resigns As President Of Def Jam

Jay-Z is about to leave the building. The Def Jam building that is. Not unexpected and probably a very smart move. Watch out for an announcement in the next month on what he will be doing, elsewhere. Now who will certain rappers complain about when they're mediocre albums flop?

"Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter said Monday that he will leave his post as president of Universal Music Group’s Def Jam Records label after his contract expires this year. The rapper, who was named Def Jam president three years ago, said in a statement that it is “time for me to take on new challenges." He will continue to release his own music through his record label, Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam after his contract expires Dec. 31." (MSNBC)

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Blogger jon jon said...

yup who will Def Jam rappers blame wheh their joint tanks now?? great question....LA Reid???

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its about damn time they got rid of Jay Zs greedy ass

Blogger jon jon said...

Jay-Z is no more greedier than corporate executives, and still a million times more in touch with the street and community.

Get Money!

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

amen jon jon, amen


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