Friday, December 21, 2007

LISTEN: Michael Jackson - Billy Jean ft. Kanye West

DOWNLOAD Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Remix ft. Kanye West (MP3)

Kanye West remixed Michael Jackson for the 25th Anniversary of Thriller. Well, really all he does is adlib and he added an extra sample of Kraftwerk's ´The Model´. For those who don´t know, Kraftwerk are the original electro artists and most likely idols of Daft Punk. Good to see Kanye at least look into his history a little on this one I guess. Oh and that picture is MJ´s recent disguise. Interesting. Other remixes included with the album include ones by, Fergie and Akon.

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Anonymous tremayne said...

After listening, I'm convinced that classics such as Billy Jean should not be remixed. I wonder if Kanye intended to release this as it does not seem to mirror the quality of his other work. - tremayne, blogger @


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