Thursday, November 08, 2007

VIDEO: Jay-Z/Pharrell vs. Dutch Rapper

Scep Kendallovic, a Dutch producer/rapper though his name sounds a lot more slavic than Dutch, claims Pharrell stole the Jay-Z 'Blue Magic' beat from his song below.

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Anonymous Dennis said...

Similar? Yes. Stolen? Probably Not.

Anonymous Vizion said...

Gotta agree with dennis on this one. Also, if you're going to put out a youtube or any type of video making these claims - at least - make it halfway decent.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

pretty much evey hip hop beat is recycled or sampled in some way you could say that all hip hop is stolen because it all started with old hip hop sampling blues ands jazz and rock and roll, and the new samples from the old.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

that beat is so damn simple theres 2 notes in the whole thing. the beat sucks anyway

Blogger bankhead said...

zzz dutch hip hop is nothing. same goes for Delic with his ego.


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