Monday, November 12, 2007

NEWS: Jadakiss Embarrassed On Stage With Jay-Z

Ouch, this must've stung. About the Jadakiss appearance at the Jay-Z show at Hammerstein Ballroom last night.

Jadakiss @ Radio City Music Hall. More photos here.

Tom reports: "...During "Roc Boys," the last song of the evening, most of Jay's Roc-A-Fella guys walked onstage, Jada quietly joining them. A verse in, Jay stopped the song to announce Jada as the newest member of the crew. But when Green Lantern threw on the "All About the Benjamins" instrumental, Jada wasn't having it. "That's Puff's shit," he said. "Put on one of my joints." What followed was an excruciating, endless pause, Green frantically checking his laptop to see if he had any Jadakiss tracks. Finally, he found one: "The Champ is Here." Jada: "Man, I don't know that song. Why you gotta put me on the spot like that? They don't want that." (I wanted that, but whatever.) After another excruciating pause, after Beanie Sigel actually went behind the DJ tables to help Green Lantern find another Jadakiss track, someone finally decided fuck it and put "Roc Boys" back on. Jada looked miserable." More about the show here.

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Anonymous nOvaMatic said...

This entire story has me cracking up.


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