Monday, November 19, 2007

NEWS: Hip Hop 'Freak Dance' Banned In Texas

Well gosh darn golly. You've got to love these quotes in a Wall Street Journal article on a Texas town banning 'Hip Hop Freak Dancing'. Yes, the Wall Street Journal is writing about this now. The witch hunt on Hip Hop continues.

"Karen Miller, 53 years old, saw her first "freak dance" four years ago when she was chaperoning a high-school dance attended by her freshman daughter. One boy was up close to a girl's back, bumping and grinding to the pounding beat of the music. "I thought, 'That's just dadgum nasty,'" Ms. Miller recalls. "It really had me sick to my stomach." [...]Mr. Ceyanes says he fears current cleavage-baring dress styles combined with sexually charged dancing could lead to an unsafe environment for students. "This is not just shaking your booty," he said. "This is pelvis-to-pelvis physical contact in the private areas...and then moving around." Interestingly enough Mr. Ceyanes himself was a father at the age of 17. Not judging, but perhaps he is trying to protect the school's students from similar situations. Read more here and here.

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Blogger Just Another Spoken Thought said...

they are going to push students and children away so much from what they veiw as a point that where we all will be zombiez...

GO BUSH! yay *smirks*


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