Monday, November 19, 2007

LISTEN: Outasight - Employee Of The Year (Full EP)

DOWNLOAD Outasight - Employee Of The Year EP (MP3)

It's the one on the left.

Outasight's 7 song EP Employee Of The Year is surprisingly strong. The 'surprising' part is most likely due to people's preconceived concept of what an MC should look like, and I must admit I myself fall victim to this as well. The lion share of the EP showcases melodic production with abundant horns, dry soulful beats and a jubilant vibe lyrically speaking. 'Think I'm Fallin in Love's most appealing aspect ends up being a Mos Def-esque crooned hook, not to say the rhymes aren't up to par. The crooned hook returns for 'Madness' with a jazzy big band backdrop that would've fit well on a Freeway album with a Beanie Sigel guest spot. ' New York State Of Mind''s beat slightly outshines the lyrical execution though it's intent and concept are well crafted. 'Fall Is For Lovers' is the most subdued track with it's Dilla-like underwater funk groove as the backboard to some Erykah Badu-era Common-style romanticisms. This EP is most definitely worth the free download, see above, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Outashine's next step is.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive seen this guy perform live, he's really good. The EP is also solid, but his live performance is on a whole nother level...I am eager to see whats next from this guy, he has alot of potential!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outasight is a refreshing artist thats definetly here to stay, the music is def worth listening to.. Get that ep if u havn't already people, real music, finally!!!

Anonymous MuzikHand The A&R said...

I have finally made it out to see Outasight perform, and boy was it a great performance. It was filled with Live instruments, good crowd participation and love for music. The venue was Sputnik, which is in Brooklyn and right down the block from my studio/office/home, so I decided to go check him out and it was well worth the pricing ($10).

Yo if you ever hear about Outasight performing in a town near you, please do yourself a favor and check him out. The Music is dope and he gives his all on the stage.

MuzikHand The A&R

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Real music, def worth the download! Summer Madness is sick! can't wait to hear more. Lookin forward to see him perform.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Shit...I love the music keep it up.


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