Thursday, October 11, 2007

NEWS: Q-Tip On Fiascogate

Q-Tip spoke to HHDX about Fiascogate. This should be over now.

“...we all spoke on the phone with VH1,” continues Tip, “in a creative conversation, and everybody seemed cool. I got there the day of [the performance] and [I was] told that Lupe had some problems with the lyrics. So then I went to his trailer, just trying to extend myself, and I was like, ‘So I understand that you never heard a Tribe Called Quest joint?’ He smiled and said, ‘Well that’s not true. My sister used to listen to it. I didn’t really [listen to it], but my sister had the album with all the faces on it.”

He proceed to call the lyric mess up “No big deal, people mess up lyrics,” and has spoken to Lupe since to get additional clarification on post-performance comments. “I called him and I said, ‘You know, I just wanted to speak to you man-to-man so you know that I don’t have no beef with you. And he was like, ‘They attacking me.’ He explained himself to me, and I listened. We spoke about doing a tour together actually.” Now that would be a great end result of this bs moment in Hip Hop.

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