Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LISTEN: Jay-Z - Roc Boys

DOWNLOAD Jay-Z - Roc Boys (MP3)

'Roc Boys' is Jay-Z's new single off of American Gangster and it leaves me dissatisfied in the same way that 'Show Me Whatchu Got' did. Nice horn samples, subpar rhyming about nothing at all. I loved 'Blue Magic' because of the clever word plays, but I feel this one just lacks substance. Somehow I can handle it if a lesser MC lacks a little substance over a hot beat, but c'mon it's Jay. Too much talent too waste. MP3 via Eskay.

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Blogger Smalls P said...

Yep , couple listens in and nothing too special. Blue Magic got me hooked but this .....i dunno . Ask me again in a week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link to Blue Magic is expired. Is there anyway you can post it again?

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

re-upped Blue Magic

Blogger Jay Robinson said...

You captured my feelings exactly. After all the hype around this track, I was hoping for some Freeway/Beans cypher-type shit.

Anonymous eskay said...

>>subpar rhyming

Pick any place on the planet
Pick a shore
Take what the Forbes figured then figure more
Cuz they forgot to account what I did with the raw
Pick a time
Let's pick apart some stores
Pick a weekend for freaking for figure fours
I figure frauds never hit a lick before
So they don’t know the feeling
When them things get across
Put ya hand out the window
Feel the force feel the porches

^that's subpar? maybe I'm on a spaceship

Blogger Undisputed Wes said...

maybe subpar is too strong. from anyone else I would've been fine with it, but I just think he can do so much better. that part of the song is not so bad, it's just that Blue Magic really set me up for big expectations. so much world play, complicated patterns, internal stuff, clever references to world events. this one is just a little too empty to me. again, much like Show Me Whatchu Got. Though that one was def worse than this one

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