Friday, October 12, 2007

NEWS: Pimp C On Havoc

UGK's very own Pimp C still gives the most entertaining and open interview. This one is from Ozone Magazine (scan) and he talks in thinly veiled terms about Havoc.

"Even when we have disagreements in the South amongst each other and even when we don't see eye to eye down here, that don't mean niggas from other areas can attack a nigga from down here and think that we won't posse up with each other and get dead on yo muthafukkin ass. For instance, this lil' mutherfuckin' small framed lil' bitch ass n!ggas from New York-you know who I'm talking about, one of them lil' niggas Pac took off the map way back when-tried to diss T.I. to sell a couple of records.If any nigga from any part of the world gets on mutherfuckin record and says something about Young Jeezy or Ludacris or Jermaine Dupri or me or Plies nigga from any part of the world or anybody down here,we're gonna unite like the Bloods and the Crips." Via

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