Monday, September 17, 2007

New SitDownStandUp Features has a few new features and site elements as of this weekend.

  • Search function added to sidebar to find posts on your favorite artists and songs.
  • About Page added with accolades and descriptions. Check it out here.
  • Menu added to sidebar with click-able links for news, music/mp3s, video. It only goes back about a month, but it will be applied from now on. Pages for 'interviews' and 'photos' will soon be added.
  • SDSU 'Whut? Thee Mini Blog' added to sidebar, with separate RSS feed and archive page. Inspired by OhWord's Around The Horn and a few other sites with a similar function, but the difference lies in the content. 'Whut?' will feature links to noteworthy items on outside websites that will not be Hip Hop related for the most part.


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