Monday, August 06, 2007

Taxi Taxi @ Cross-Pollination

STREAM Taxi Taxi's full Maps & Legends Album

Hey guys, seriously, look at the birdie. Stop making out.

A little while back Taxi Taxi's album found it's way onto my playlist. It stayed there quite a while, thoroughly enjoyed and all, and it recently made it back into 'Most Spun' category with an eye on their upcoming appearance at Cross-Pollination concert series.

Cross-Pollination @ Pianos
featuring Taxi Taxi + The Monas
Tuesday 8-10PM
158 Ludlow St (by Stanton), NYC

Allegedly the band was formed during the New York transit strike of 2005, when a chance meeting in a taxi carpool introduced a group of young musicians to one another. Now that sounds suspiciously like PR talk, but the music is so pleasant that I will not pursue this in any type of detective manner at all. Rocky yet mellow-cholic, distinguished with a creative edge. Lots of variety in this collection of songs. Can't wait to see them live.

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