Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cause & Elijah B. Torn @ Cross-Pollination

DOWNLOAD Cause - More Than Music (MP3)
DOWNLOAD Cause - Click Clack (MP3)
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Cause and Elijah B Torn Cross-Pollinating

Last Tuesday Cross-Pollination featured our first rapper ever. Cause, a 20 year old Bronx native, was paired up with electro artist Elijah B Good. The results were surprising and quite stellar. Even though Cause's energy level wasn't as high due to a flu-ish situation, he still put on an engaging and entertaining show with plenty of food for thought. Elijah looped away and created some crazy and beautiful landscapes. When they came together it was something special, almost a mellow version of a Def Jux song, or a lighter version of one of the moody electro/rap acts from the UK. Much recommended!

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