Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Murs Invites A Critical Beatdown

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Murs is waiting for you under the pier

The homie Murs will release his next album, Murs For President, on Warner Brothers as we know. He talks about it in this Urb interview.

A big chunk of the interview is taken up by talk about a backlash for going to a major label.

“Money has never been a motivation for me to do shit,” he says. “But if I’m going to change hip-hop—and I love hip-hop—and I’m offered a chance to be an infl uence on making a positive change, I’d be an asshole to tell Warner Bros., No. I’ve done all I can do in the independent scene.” [.....]"This is something I have to do, for me, as a black man, as a man, as Nicholas Carter, as Murs. And if you guys don’t understand, if you think I’m selling out, then fuck you. Suck my dick. Fight me when you see me. Fuck you, I’ll spit on you. I’m my own man.”

Lets hope no crazy Jukie takes him up on that offer. Full interview here.

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