Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Big Shug & DJ Premier & Mandy Moore

DOWNLOAD Big Shug - Hood With That (MP3)
DOWNLOAD DJ Premier Podcast (119 Minutes)ft Big Shug (MP3)

DJ Premier & Big Shug

Long-time Gangstarr affiliate Big Shug is dropping his second solo album Street Champ soon. DJ Premier provides some beautiful music for him to wax philosophically over, always thoroughly enjoyable and real. Read about it here and download a track above.

Now for something slightly different. Say what you want about Mandy Moore, but you know what? I like her, because like Big Shug she keeps it real. Not all of the writing is that great yet, and I'm enjoying these live versions better than the album I must admit, but her voice has grown and I hope that for the next record she reaches even further to the left and goes more organic than this current one. I'm putting it out there I'm available as a writing partner. Mandy, you have my number, you know my band, I'll be in LA soon, just let me know.

Mandy Moore - Gardenia (live)

That's right, I'm put Big Shug and Mandy Moore in the same post. Whatchugonedoaboutit?

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Blogger Battering Room said...

MM almost crashed into me in the Southamton 7-11 two weeks ago. True story.

Blogger Lena said...

lol, I love that you posted Big Shug and MM in the same post, :) variety is the spice of life yo! hehe


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