Sunday, June 29, 2008

VIDEO: Jay-Z Glastonbury Concert In Full

Aside from the Oasis cover Jay-Z cleverly weaves in snippets of electronica/dance music early in the set with a surprising live appearance of 'Is That Your Bitch' that segues into The Prodigy's Kool Keith sampling 'Smack My Bitch Up. This is followed by Jigga's Amy Winehouse assisting 'Rehab' verse. 'A Billie' makes an appearance, mostly acapella with a strong sense of crowd control. The electro referencing continues with another Timbaland beat, though heavily altered, on 'Dirt Off Your Shoulders'. The the set takes another classic turn with a Jackson 5 intro for 'H To The Izzo' continuing the conscious decision not to alienate a crowd not used to a pure hip hop show. Onto one of his biggest pop hits 'Can I Get A F* You' that goes straight to another unexpected yet brilliantly chosen reference to the local music taste, the guest verse to Punjabi MC's 'Beware Of The Boys'. 'I Just Wanna Love U' comes next and gets the crowd dancing, which they keep doing to 'Show Me Whatchu Got' after which 'Girls Girls Girls' gives them a break. 'American Boy's guest verse is juxtaposed and brings it right back to the UK market. Rihanna's 'Umbrella' brings the non-Jay-Z song count in this set to 6 out of 13. 'Big Pimpin' leads into 'Hardknock Life' and subsequently a U2 instrumental supporting 'Heart Of The City'. The Linkin Park mashup version of 'Encore' ends the set.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha!Fuck Noel! That was the shit!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck god, fuck jesus, fuck everyone! I`ll pray to fuckin' Jay-Z!

Anonymous said...

ya it was hot but get off his dick and stop followin the hype ur like a bunch of puppets..when u cant pay ur rent ask jayz 2 see what he tells you. its all a act that beefin shyt so that there sales boost.. jesus saves eteral life fuck this life..james pisano south philly i live in the real world..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ye I say the same to u, when u cant pay ur rent ask jesus 2 see what he tells you.

so stfu!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

peace out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Lil Dee said...

dude is aight but he aint running shit



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