Friday, June 13, 2008

LISTEN: RZA - Straight Up The Block ft. David Banner

DOWNLOAD RZA - Straight Up The Block ft. David Banner (MP3)

Continuing SDSU's run of RZA firsts and exclusives we bring you 'Straight Up The Block'. Off of Digi Snacks, out next week, and featuring production and rhymes by the honorable David Banner, and of course a very noticeable Jay-Z vocal sample. In case you were wondering, the album is dope and surprisingly different.

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- Can't Stop Me Now Script
- RZA 'Digi Snacks' Interview

Photo part of 'Rock The Bells' series. More here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened "Straight Up The Block" live at the FanFest and RZA dedicated the song to Viagra Pharmacy in NY, because they have been discriminating black men and nothing is being done about it.
I really appreciate that.


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