Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NEWS: Q-Tip To Work With Nigel Godrich

If you’re imagining any of the usual rap rainmakers — Timbaland or the Neptunes, Pete Rock or DJ Premier — you’d be wrong. Try Nigel Godrich, the British engineer-producer whose densely layered, atmospheric sound has become closely identified with Radiohead. In fact, Godrich is sometimes referred to as the morose Brit rock group’s “sixth member” for producing every album it’s put out since 1997’s “OK Computer.” But he’s also racked up an impressive list of characteristically downbeat, brooding albums for the likes of Beck and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Air and Pavement.

Godrich is hardly the no-brainer choice for Q-Tip — himself a Zelig-like figure who turns up all over the pop culture grid and has never been confined by a narrow view of what hip-hop is and isn’t supposed to be — although it remains to be heard how the two’s musical sensibilities will mesh.

“He’s a big fan of rap,” Q-Tip said of the producer. “It’ll be cool working with him. We’re going to make a film out of the project too.”
(Full article here.)

Whatever happened to under-promising and over-delivering?

Via DS.

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Anonymous Word Up! said...

RZA is the truth, but damn, The way DOOM flipped this sample, let alone his verse just makes the track kinda silly.


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