Sunday, March 16, 2008

VIDE: I-20 - Down South

You may remember I-20 from his show stealing appearances on Ludacris's acapella freestyle album moments, and he is ready to return with a southern anthem that might not reinvent the wheel, but it certainly gets the message across.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah song is hard but info is wrong them beatbox freestyles was featuring 4-Ize who is a DTP affilliate but never released a album through them but I-20 was on "Move B!^@h" with Luda and Mystikal. He's made an album and features on other DTP artist's albums including the compilations

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, watch for the mp3 and let us know.

Blogger SDSU said...

you are so right! m,y bad. I blame alcohol and 20 hour days in Austin TX and posting in the middle of the night haha


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