Monday, March 03, 2008

LISTEN: Fat Joe - That White (Prod. by DJ Premier)

DOWNLOAD Fat Joe - That White (Prod. by DJ Premier) (MP3)

This is a clean CDQ without tags. Not the webrip that was out there over the weekend. A lot of you youngens might not remember the days when Fat Joe was actually one of the better street rappers out there with excellent beat choices and great street talk and real flows. This was before he went on vacation to Wackalonia with Lil' Wayne and R. Kelly, bought a blue mink coat and returned a changed man. This is a track off of Elephant In The Room and, though it could've been improved topic matter wise, the flow and the beat, courtesy of DJ Premier, are hot.

Joe has also gotten into a scuffle over the weekend with the SRA (skinniest rapper alive), Papoose. Miss Info has more on that. Thought this picture would be appropriate.

UPDATE: Joe comments on the Papoose scuffle here.

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