Monday, February 04, 2008

VIDEO: Pugs Atomz - The Dog Wood Tree

Caution is advised. This video by Pugs Atomz uses very strong images of people being hung/lynched and is very disturbing. I didn't make it through myself. In Pugs' words: Song for a man about to be lynched, the things that go through your mind if you were that man...this song is dedicated to the memory of George Hughes. May 9TH 1930, Sherman. Black farmhand George Hughes is on trial for the rape of a white woman. Tension explodes as an angry mob storms the courthouse at noon. Inside, Texas Rangers move Hughes to a fireproof vault. At 2.30 Rioters torch the courthouse. By 6.40 National Guard troops sent by governor Dan Moody are beaten back. By midnight, more than 5,000 rioters watch as Hughes is taken from the vault, hung from a tree and burned. Only two rioters were convicted, neither one for murder. I doubt this will be up on youtube for very long.

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