Monday, February 04, 2008

LISTEN: DJ Booth Interviews Sheek Louch

DOWNLOAD DJ Booth Interviews Sheek Louch (MP3)

Sheek Louch sounds a little shook with regards to 50 Cent's pull at Universal here.

DJ Booth: Let's go back to our earlier interview. You promised me, and the world, that we would all get a new Lox album. Then, this past year, I spoke with Styles a few times, and we discussed the album as well. A lot of talk's goin' on and no new album. So the world still awaits – what's the latest?
Sheek Louch: Oh, I know. You know what, Z? I apologize, it's been too long for this Lox album. And I definitely thought it was comin' at the time. We just ripped down a big, big show in New York at BB King's. The reviews were ridiculous. They called it the best show of '08. Kiss just made his move over there to Def Jam with Jay-Z, so at the time, when we was ready to drop that Lox album, when I promised it at the time, 50 [Cent] was – you know, if you wanna call it beef or whatever – was talkin' about how we was gonna push Styles' album back. When we wanted to drop that, we was like, "Man, if he can really do that, he's gonna tamper with this Lox album as well." The fans don't deserve that, for anybody to put their hands on it. That's why we didn't move on that. But now Jimmy Iovine is sayin' that stuff is goin' down with Def Jam, and he wants the album to come out on Interscope. So we're gonna move forward on that.

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